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Free Listing: Free listings include the basic information about businesses; name, street/mailing address, and phone number—as they are registered in the Dun & Bradstreet database. If your business is not currently in the database you can add it for free by clicking the Free Business Listing link above.  Businesses included in the free listing service will also appear on the location and mapping service customers use when they are selecting the company they want to do business with.

But A2TA understands that as a business owner, your goal is to make sure the customer chooses you, and decides to do business with your company. This is where A2TA can offer your business even more advantages over traditional search engines, and hardcopy directories. A2TA will help you to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd with the Premium Business Listing, an option available to businesses and business owners who want to reach more customers and bring more customers to and through your door.

Premium Business Listing: The Premium Business Listing offers your business expanded contact information so that the customer can reach you, increased graphic capability so that you can attract the customer’s attention, and the ability for you to generate direct incentives that bring that customer to and through your door—all the while still guaranteeing that the customer you will reach is already searching for a business like yours in the geographic area where they “shop” and where you do business.   Learn more about A2TA's Premium Business Listing.

Multiple Keywords: A Premium Business Listing allows you to determine and set multiple keywords so that your business shows up on more searches by more potential customers. With this flexibility, you can ensure that your business is cross-referenced in multiple categories—not simply listed once under a single, set heading. And, because A2TA understands that as your business grows, so does what you offer customers, A2TA allows you to change these keywords as often as you like or need. You can do this quickly, easily, and at no extra cost to you.

Expanded Contact Information: The expanded contact information in a Premium Business Listing includes your business’s email and website address as well as your phone and fax number, giving the customer more ways to reach you and facilitating their immediate purchase of your services. With A2TA, this information is also determined by you, which means you can change the email address or add a cell- or after-hours number with the click of a button. Back from your business trip or vacation? Add a new sales person? No problem. You can switch the information back just as quickly and easily, and, again, at no extra cost to you.

Graphic Capability: At the same time that A2TA allows customers to search a set geographic area, it also allows you to set what the customer sees when they find you. The graphic capability of a Premium Business Listing includes your business’s logo and a photo of your business, product, or staff with a caption for that photo. You’ve spent time and money and put a lot of thought into how your business is seen by the customer, whether it be from the street or on the web. Don’t let that go to waste on directories and search results which make you look just like everybody else—or charge you an arm and a leg to offset your listing in a different font or color, much less add a graphic. A2TA lets you increase immediate and future recognition of your logo, generating customer interest by setting you apart from the crowd. And just like the keyword and contact information, you can change your graphic at anytime and at a moment’s notice—at no extra cost to you.

Now Hiring: A2TA also understands that your business is not always looking just for new customers; that—especially with all the new customers that A2TA will bring to your door—you may also need new staff and employees to fill your business needs. A Premium Business Listing allows you to post “Now Hiring” ads for either permanent or seasonal employment needs, so that you can best serve your customers as your business grows and expands - again at no extra charge.

Multi-Media: The web has changed the way customers choose businesses and the way businesses do business—including the introduction of podcasts and videocasts. A2TA recognizes the import of these communication devices and the way businesses use them to educate, inform, and reach their customers, which is why A2TA makes it easy to upload and attach this media to your listing. As a Premium Business Listing, you will have the ability to post pod- or videocasts and offer potential customers an audio or visual newsletter or product presentation that better informs and reaches them so they can reach you.

Banner Ads: Banner ads can increase your business’s visibility and bring more customers to your door…if they are used effectively. Unlike other websites, A2TA’s banner ads are geographically-filtered, so your advertising dollars again go directly to those customers who are looking to purchase a product or a service in your area. These ads are available to you and your business if you have elected to reach more customers by subscribing to the Premium Business Listing. Your business’s banner will be displayed only when your business is relative to a local search so you won’t pay for “wasted reach." 
Place your business in an A2TA banner advertisement now.

Web Design: While the administrative capabilities offered to Premium Business Listing clients of A2TA are easy-to-use—fast and simple—businesses that would like to have their existing website updated or to have a website custom designed for them can also receive that service from A2TA. Businesses interested in custom designed websites or updating their existing website can contact A2TA for a quote.

Video for the Web:  Video is becoming an important element in your online marketing efforts. A2TA can provide you with video for your Premium Business Listing, your website, your emails or anywhere else you would like to post video, simply and affordably. Just hit the Video for the Web link to find out more.

A2TA wants your business to reach all of its potential customers—and more importantly, A2TA wants and provides the means for those potential customers to reach your door and become sales.

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