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Green Initiatives

Every year over 23 million trees are cut down to create the 540 million printed directories that go largely unused in U.S. households. That’s 1.79 directories for every person in the U.S.— including children, who typically, like adults, never even use these phone books. But the trees that are lost each year are not the only cost or toll that print directories take on our resources: to change our trees into printed directories, it takes nearly 7 billion gallons of water, 400 million gallons of oil, and 4 billion kilowatts of energy. Add into that the cost of delivering and distributing the estimated 977,400 tons of these directories and the 2,932,200 cubic yards of waste that is added to our landfills when these directories, often barely or never used, are thrown away because they are so quickly “outdated.” And every year, this cycle of waste—not growth—repeats.

A2TA promotes sustainability not only by eliminating such costly cycles, but also by allowing consumers to conserve on an individual basis. A2TA’s unique geographic-filtering and mapping service lets consumers locate local businesses and save not just their time but also our environment by driving less, consuming less gas, putting less wear on their vehicles, and causing less emissions. A2TA helps everyone to reduce their ecological footprint by giving everyone the most direct path to the services and products they need. And as the businesses in a community grow, so does a community’s resources—lining our parks and streets with the trees and natural resources that traditional print directories destroy.

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