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About A2TA

A2TA allows you to discover and locate businesses and services in the area you designate—be it large or small, near or far—to save you time and money.
Businesses: A2TA brings customers to your door: customers who are already looking for your services & your products in your area.

Whether a user or a business owner, A2TA was created to make your life—the way you live it where you live it—easier. A2TA eliminates the unwanted and unnecessary “hits” you get using searches on traditional search engines and directories because A2TA only generates results—the listings you want within the geographic area you specified. A2TA was designed to get you to where you want to be in life and business as quickly and as simply as possible.

What else makes us different?  First, we want you to get more information with each click, that's why we've included the local time and temperature of the location you are seeking.  We thought it would be nice if you could zoom into a bird's eye view of your desired vacation spot and get the weather there at the same time.  And there is much more:

A2TA. One click and you’re where you want to be.

If you want to locate a service or product in your neighborhood, A2TA only calls up the businesses you want and need—you won’t get hits for drycleaners or dentists that require you to drive your suits or your kids an hour each way. This saves you the hassle of having to eliminate those businesses in areas you’re not interested in (they’re too far away to get to, they’re not on you’re way to where you’re going) from a traditional search yourself. And finding the right business in the right place saves you drive time not to mention the money that you have to spend on gas getting there!  This way, you can determine which business is the best suited to your needs and the closest to your home. Do you want to spend less time running from the grocery store to the drugstore to the drycleaner—to all the other stops on your weekly errands? A2TA can help you do that. Just use A2TA to locate and map the quickest and easiest routes to the businesses and places you need to go so you can spend more time doing what you want to do and being where you want to be. And you can use A2TA to discover shops and stores and services you never even knew existed in your area.

A2TA’s directory and mapping service is like having the ability to cruise slowly around any area you set without any distractions—with A2TA you can see all the businesses you might miss while navigating traffic or because they are located on a side-street just off the roads you always travel. A2TA also allows you to search areas you may not live in, but intend to visit. Taking the kids to a cottage up north? Know where the closest pharmacy is before you go. Spending a week with your friends in Miami? Impress them by knowing which restaurants and shops are in walking distance of your hotel before you get there or from the internet connection in your hotel. Off to a wedding, graduation, or reunion? Be ready to see all the sights and know you will be able to get to them, whether you’re renting a car or walking or just looking for a place to catch the big game when your team is at home but you’re on the road. No matter what your situation—whether you are looking for places close to home or looking to feel at home in places far away—A2TA makes any and every neighborhood your own. And the best part is, you can take it with you—print your own personal directories and maps, or simply access the web and go to from anywhere in the world.

A2TA. Making the world your neighborhood.

DIRECTIONS: Go to, type the business name or category in the Find field or leave this blank.  Enter the location you want to find a business, service or do a search on in the Location field.  Once you have set the area, you can either search for the business name or category you typed in Find, discover points of interest, and learn about events in that area…all by simply clicking the GO button.

A2TA. One click and you’re there.

A2TA was created to help you grow your business in two ways. First, A2TA brings customers who are already looking for your product or service to your door. A2TA ensures that your business is seen—so customers can discover you, locate you, and purchase your products and services. Don’t get lost in page after page of traditional search engine lists or outdated hardcopy directories. A2TA helps your business stand out from the crowd, so you won’t be overlooked by potential customers—customers who could and should be coming to you. Second, A2TA gives you the ability to locate the vendors and service providers that you rely on to supply and support your business who are right around the corner—suppliers who are already in your area and ready to provide you with faster and more economical means to get the result you’re looking for—a stronger bottom line.

A2TA brings customers to and through your door by offering a unique service that allows you, as a business owner, to reach more customers than traditional search engines or outdated hardcopy directories do. Because A2TA allows potential consumers to search for the products and services they already know they need, and because it uses consumer-set geographical boundaries, A2TA makes it easy for customers to come to you to make a purchase—rather than you going to them to make a sale. A2TA allows the customers already in your area and already desiring your product or service to find you. Neighborhoods aren’t restricted in terms of distance—consumers can elect to search immediate areas, cities, counties, or even entire states. This means that your business can reach not only local customers who are already in your area, but can also tap into a “traveling consumer market”: those potential customers who enter your area only briefly or sporadically, but who certainly have needs which will have to be met by some business during their stay in your area. Why not, using A2TA, make that business yours?

In order to allow you to choose the amount of information available to your business’s potential customers, A2TA offers several levels of business listings and services.

To learn more about how to advertise your business and bring more customers to your door, see “Advertise” 

Non-Profit and Green initiatives: A2TA invests in building stronger, greener communities in two ways: A2TA gives back to our communities with donations to charitable organizations through “Deerg, Inc” and A2TA gives Visitors, both consumers and businesses, the ability to grow their communities and go greener in the process by cutting down on wasted resources—such as those wasted by the creation of print-directories and by driving further for services you can get closer to home.

To find out more about A2TA’s Green Initiative and how you can use A2TA to go greener, see Green Initiatives.

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