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Click To Call

Click To Call is a valuable feature to add to your Premium Business Listing. It allows potential customers to immediately connect with you with a click of a button. You give us whatever phone number you wish (your office, your cell phone, etc), and we allow your customers to connect to you via your listing.

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Monthly Subscription $9.95

Here’s how simple it is: When Click To Call is enabled, a customer can click this feature from your Premium Business Listing. When they do a window will appear on their screen asking for their name, and the phone number they can be reached at. When the customer submits their information, you will get a call (on any phone you choose to use) informing you that you are receiving a call generated from your listing (including the customers name and number.) At the same time, the customer receives a call on the number they submitted. All you and the customer need to do is answer your phones, and you are connected!

Remember; getting people to your business listing is only half of the job. The real goal is to get people to connect to your business. Click To Call is a simple technology that allows people to connect to your business directly from your listing. They enter in their phone number, and their phone rings. When you pick up the phone, you will hear the name of the caller, and will know the call is coming from your A2TA listing.

Click To Call is a unique addition to your site. Some of the advantages include:

  • More Leads
  • Better Customer Service
  • Ability to talk to a lead when you have their immediate interest
  • No more bad phone numbers entered in on web forms.

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