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 A2TA Special Searches

You can easily find that for which you are searching on A2TA using keywords and categories but sometimes you want even more.  As a Premium Business Listing  in A2TA, you can enjoy being found in our special searches: Green Businesses and Businesses Hiring

So how does this work? A family is looking to add an addition to their home and they'd like the development to be as "green" as possible.  By choosing the Green Businesses - Special A2TA Search and their location, they can find the Premium Business Listings (PBL)  in their area that meet the green standards of that industry.

Green Businesses
On the PBLs that display, you can click on the green business icon  to display the following information:

Businesses Hiring

Similarly, businesses who have PBLs  enjoy the ability to post jobs when they are hiring - at no extra cost to them!  They simply enter the information for the job they'd like to post and it will appear in their PBL.   That means you can choose Businesses Hiring - Special A2TA Search and your desired location to see if someone is looking to hire you!  When you choose a PBL that interests you, click on the help wanted icon   to display the following information:

A2TA continues to look for more ways to enhance your experience with us, so keep up with The Site To Be Seen and see what we do next!

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